INIA HAUTE - Example Script #3.2: IPL Device Comparison ver.B

Objective: Demonstrate INIA HAUTE's superiority over another IPL device by focusing on specific features and user experiences.


  • The creator borrowing and using a friend's/cousin's/sister's IPL device;
  • Switching to using INIA HAUTE, highlighting its advanced features;
  • Time-lapse or side-by-side comparison of both devices in action.

Script Components:

  • Introduction: "Before buying my own IPL device, I borrowed a model from my sister to try it out. It was okay, but I wanted something better."
  • Feature Comparison: "So I got INIA HAUTE, and the upgrade was immediately noticeable. My sister's model flashed slowly, just once per second, while INIA HAUTE flashes five times as fast. Plus, it’s completely painless thanks to the sapphire ice-cooling, unlike the painful sessions I had with hers. What's more, I can complete a full-body treatment in only 8 minutes, compared to the 20 minutes it took before."
  • Specific Benefits: "The effectiveness is also on another level. My sister’s device showed little improvement even after months, whereas INIA HAUTE began showing substantial results within weeks, thanks to its high-energy double flash technology."
  • Call to Action: "I had options when I decided to buy, but INIA HAUTE stood out as the clear leader, especially considering the price—others with similar features cost $200 to $300 more. Why pay more for the same or less? Choose INIA HAUTE for superior performance at a better price. Experience the difference now!"

Example Videos: WIP

Other Shooting Tips


INIA (/ˈɪniə/)       HAUTE(/oːt/, "oht")

Product Link

INIA HAUTE IPL At-Home Laser Hair Removal Product


Incorporate the following hashtags in your video captions:

#INIA #INIAhairemoval #hairremovaldevice #HairFreeSeasonINIA #summervibeINIA


Ensure the inclusion of the @inia.usa mention to maximize visibility.

Skin/Hair Color Safety Chart


INIA HAUTE Selling Points for Your Reference

  • Ultra Sapphire Ice-Cooling Below 60°F:
  • Experience a refreshing icy sensation with INIA's advanced Sapphire Ice Cooling. While others offer 105°F or normal ice-cooling at 67°F, INIA maintains a cool 60°F for ultimate comfort. Guarding your skin against heat injury while delivering the ultimate in comfort and effectiveness.

  • Double-Pulse, Twice the Effectiveness 
  • Every click of INIA HAUTE triggers a rapid one-two punch of energy. It's not just about heating your skin twice; it's a clever play on the different cooling speeds of your skin tissues and hair follicles.

    Picture your skin as a mix of various tissues, each with its unique cooling speed. Now, hair follicles take a bit more time to cool down. Here's where the magic happens – we swiftly heat up your skin and, at that precise moment, deliver a second burst of heat. It's like playing a strategic game of temperature tag.

    This meticulous process guarantees your skin stays safe while we dial up the heat on those follicles. We're talking about putting your hair follicles into a kind of early sleep mode. The outcome? A remarkable reduction in hair growth becomes visible in just 3 weeks. All of this is made possible by the potent 21J of energy from the INIA IPL IGBT chip, ensuring not just effectiveness but safety too.

  • Industry Record 5 Flashes per Second:
  • Say farewell to time-consuming hair removal. INIA HAUTE offers rapid 5 flashes per second technology with an Auto-Glide mode for effortless full-body treatment, minimizing missed spots. Choose from 5 intensity levels to tackle even the most stubborn hair.

  • Safe Use at Home:
  • INIA HAUTE undergoes rigorous testing and holds prestigious safety certifications, providing you with peace of mind as you enjoy salon-quality hair removal in the comfort of your own home.

  • Lifetime Flash Guarantee:
  • Receive free replacement handsets if you ever run out of flashes. Enjoy a 1-year warranty, extendable to 2 years upon registration, and free replacements provided within the warranty period.

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