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Warranty Policy:
The warranty period for this product may vary depending on the country of sale. We will extend the warranty period as allowed by the local laws.
If the device experiences any quality issues within the warranty period, we will provide free repairs or replacements. However, damages caused by improper or non-standard use are not covered by the warranty. In such cases, we will offer damaged part replacements or exchange the device at cost. Ownership of the replaced parts remains with our company.
Please present your order purchase receipt and our official website's after-sales registration information when requesting warranty service. The warranty period for our products starts from the date of order delivery.
⚠️ The following situations may void warranty or return/exchange eligibility:
Damages caused by unforeseen events such as fire, earthquake, flood, etc.
Equipment malfunctions or damages caused by negligence, misuse, or abnormal conditions of use.
Damages caused by self-disassembly or improper storage (e.g., damage from rodents, liquid intrusion).
Damages caused by forced use of the product in non-product usage environments, including but not limited to exceeding workload. Equipment damage due to abnormal external forces (falling, compression, collision).
Equipment damage caused by the use of non-manufacturer accessories and components.
Product damages caused by other circumstances beyond our control.
We do not assume responsibility for consequential damages or associated damages resulting from the use or function of this product, including but not limited to business loss, business interruption, other losses caused by equipment use, costs incurred for replacing equipment, devices, or services, or customer claims.
The types and extent of liability for unexpected events will be governed by applicable laws and regulations.
After-sales Policy:
We support returns for a refund within 7 days for commercial responsibility, exchange within 6 months, and a complimentary 6-month warranty extension with registration. If you have any questions, please consult our store customer service, and we will respond to you promptly!