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Erin, 36

Doing hair removal at home is truly delightful - it's not only convenient and time-saving, but also cost-effective. The INIA hair removal device perfectly meets my expectations with its enhanced features. It quickly cools with its freezing point technology, covers a small ineffective area, ensuring no missed spots. It achieves stronger, cooler, and faster hair removal. Moreover, its compact and lightweight design prevents hand fatigue during use.


Aurora, 27

The results of the INIA MOOD Pro are really impressive. I primarily used it for removing thick hair on my arms and legs, and I started with the gentle mode at the lowest intensity. It was not painful at all, just as advertised - painless with freezing point technology. The continuous flash mode is especially suitable for large areas, making the process easy and fast. I purchased it from the live room, and it was a great deal. The design is also very appealing. I highly recommend the INIA hair removal device for beginners.


Mollie, 28

I purchased it to remove hair from my legs, and the results are remarkable. In the first week, I used it four times, then reduced to three times in the following week. I started with the lowest intensity setting, and to my surprise, it wasn't painful at all. Gradually, I increased the intensity to the highest level and activated the auto mode and freezing point mode to gradually weaken the hair follicles. It consistently provides a cooling sensation and is particularly gentle on sensitive areas. It feels like a powerful treatment comparable to a beauty salon, using pure physical hair removal. After using it, I didn't experience any redness or allergic reactions. Not only does it have an appealing design, but it also delivers excellent results. I truly love it.


Mina, 29

As a kiwi girl, it was my first time buying a hair removal device. Firstly, the packaging was secure, and both the device and the freebies had a great design. It was important for me to carefully read the instructions and the usage tips provided by customer service. The operation was quite easy to grasp. I primarily bought it for hand hair removal. Since I used to shave with a razor during summers, the regrowth was coarse and prickly. Now, I use the device every two to three days, and I've noticed a reduction in the amount and thickness of hair. The best part is that it's completely painless to use. I'm someone who is very sensitive to pain, so this device is a perfect fit for me. The freezing point technology exceeded my expectations in terms of effectiveness.


Nice, 28

I used to go to the beauty salon for hair removal, but their equipment would heat up when it touched my skin. I had to pause several times during the process, and I had to make appointments in advance, which was very inconvenient. After learning about it in the live room, I decisively purchased the INIA hair removal device. Now I can easily do the hair removal at home after taking a shower. It doesn't burn my skin and there's no discomfort. I can finish it in just a few minutes. It has a great design and the results are visible to the naked eye. The regrowth is very fine. I give a big thumbs up to the INIA hair removal device. ❤️

*Individual results may vary. Everyone's skin is unique and may respond differently to our products.