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Erin, 36

Okay, I don't usually write reviews even though I buy a lot on Amazon. But this product is a big purchase for most folks, so I wanted to give my real thoughts. I've used this for 2 months now after owning one of those cheaper IPL devices. And yeah, this one is way better. I'm really happy with it, especially compared to how much time and money it would cost to go to a salon over and over. The product rocks.


Aurora, 27

I've had this thing for months now. Gotta admit, it wasn't very easy to figure out at first and scared me on the first time I used it. But it hasn't wrecked my skin or caused burns or breakouts, so that's perfect! My leg and armpit hair is practically gone now and grows back really slowly. The bikini line is tougher and needs a lot of patience, but I feel it's really working. Basically, it's not the simplest to use, but it really does work to remove hair in the long run.


Mollie, 28

3. So get this - I've done the full 8 sessions twice at a salon, years apart. And I've seen better results in just 5 or 6 weeks with this thing. Oh and way less pain too, thankfully. With the salon, you gotta book appointments 6-8 weeks apart. I have crazy stubborn hair, but after using the Inia MOOD 2-3 times a week for 5 weeks, almost all of it is gone. This thing beats the pants off the salon treatments, for real.


Mina, 29

I've been using the MOOD for a couple weeks now. I feel like my hair growth is slowing down, which is good. I use the highest setting. The interval after each flash is pretty quick. We'll see if it works as advertised long-term. I'll give an update after using it more.


Nice, 28

I waited a while to review this because I stopped using it after the second or third time. I got some burn marks behind my leg, ouch! But after a couple of days, those faded. I noticed even after only several treatments, way less regrowth below my knees. So I'm gonna start using it again and give a more detailed review in a few months. Just read the directions, watch some tutorials, and be gentle when using it. Also, I did try it on more sensitive spots and had no issues. That's why I'd recommend it.

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